New Marquettes

Greendance has one of the largest plantings in Pennsylvania of the newly developed Marquette wine grape from the University of Minnesota breeding program. The first vintage will be expected in 2010. This large block is on a moderate slope and the 50 rows will be running north-south. Because of the slope the new vines are planted into a rye field for protection from wind and as a means of reducing erosion the planting year. Blue mylar grow tubes are sealed into the soil and provide a microclimate free of wind and insulated from harsh weather and immerse the new vines in blue light to promote upward strong growth without competition from weeds. Marquette is now part of our Greendance Estate Collection.

Daring June sky
First Marquette vintage-2010
Mylar blue-Marquette green
Mylar sucks sun
Nice slope for air movement
Rye in the sky
Smothered in rye
Sun's view of new Marquette vine in blue tube