Nectar Garden Construction

Flash back shots of our garden construction – now a lush haven enclosed by the trellised Paw Paw trees, the flower cutting garden, and the heirloom apple orchard. A path wanders from the front of the winery and flows through various plantings, including many to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and stops at various cobblestone pods where there are seats and tables to pause and enjoy wine, cheese, and a baguette under an umbrella in the garden away from the world. Visit us to see just how much has grown.

8pm sun on tabled pod
Developing nectar garden and new path
Near the coming Gooseberry Performer's Shell
Only a step off the porch
Orchard backdrop
Pods closest to winery
The perfect light - in my opinion
Wandering path and one pod with Elm in center
Worldview from Greendance porch