Gardens Officially Open! Mother's Day Weekend Luncheon

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Happy Mother’s Day!

 – Our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon. Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm both days – for reservations please call 724-547-6500.

Lunch includes Chicken Salad on buttery croissant with side salad of mixed greens, fresh berries, and raspberry vinaigrette!


Live Music 1-4pm

Alec Henderson Band is an acoustic duo from Greensburg, PA with a classic sound and infectious songwriting. In March of 2016, Alec Henderson and Dane Whatule went to a Pittsburgh recording studio to record Fly Away, their debut album. Alec credits songwriters such as John Lennon, Billy Joel, and John Mayer as the inspiration behind the music. Recorded live in the studio, Fly Away is a dynamic and genre-blending album that mixes reggae and blues within its rock and roll borders. The lyrics are genuine, and the guitar playing is an ode to the old blues masters. Alec Henderson Band creates a wonderfully unique and listenable sound.

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