Happy Memorial Day – Cook Out!

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


The Corn Liquor Saints perorm today from 1-4pm

Sand Hill Berries – Greendance Winery Cook Out! 12-3 pm


The CORN LIQUOR SAINTS are a local 5-piece indy string band. We play everything from old school Bluegrass and Gospel Music to Classic and Modern Country and Rock Hits…and mostly everything in between!! We specialize in very upbeat all-ages crowd pleasing hit type music and pride ourselves on packing local venues to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.


Mike “Wildman” Geary: Guitar/Vocals
Amber Trump: Fiddle, Mandolin/Vocals
Andy Jenkins: Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica/Vocals
Kenny Purnell: Bass/Vocals
Patrick Keddie: Mandolin, Guitar/Vocals
Also: Band Manager/Soundman Barrence

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