Late Night! with Will Juergens

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Friday Late Night!

Cheers to the summer! Enjoy live music in the evening from 6-9pm with dinner and late night snack specials – sandwiches, farm fresh salads, weekend specials, and more – at The Cabin and sweet slices of desserts – pie, cheesecake, and ice cream treats – at Sand Hill’s Cafe Persimmon! Food served till 8:30pm

Join us in welcoming Will Juergens to the Greendance musical family for his first late night performance! Will brings a whole new genre to the gardens with his unique futuristic folk pop style. “Some say that we live in the Pseudo-Modern Era  – that means it’s really easy to project false images and ideas into the world. We would rather be a mirror than a billboard. We have no answers for you or anyone – we just want the stuff we make to be an accurate reflection of ourselves and what we see.” – Will, PM Mirror