Girlz in Black Hats Perform

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Special Solstice Menu provided by Elegant Catering

Details to follow


Come hear the Girlz in Black before they head out on their national tour….1-4pm

The Girlz in Black Hats is a female fronted country act from Southwestern PA. The “girlz” are now made up of Hayley Prosser, 21, and Sara Zebley, 24. Originally formed as a band of siblings and friends back in 2004 for a high school talent show, GBH has since gone through many changes. In 2011, Hayley joined Sara in the group as the new lead vocalist. It is often said that their voices are meant to be together! They are also backed by three talented guys on lead guitar, bass, and drums.

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