Black Currant Dessert Wine 2011


A sweet 15% black currant wine fortified with 170 proof brandy to 18 1/2% Alcohol and back sweetened with pure juice for a smooth finish. Black currants are one of northern Europe's and Scandinavia's favorite fruits, but they are rarely grown here in the United States with the exception of here at Sand Hill Berries. This brandy is tannin-rich, with great potential for aging. Black currants are one of the only fruits that rival grapes in complexity of flavonoids and anthocyanins, in addition to being one of the fruits highest in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Silver Medal from the Keystone Wine Competition 2008.

Bronze Medal from the American Wine Society 2008.


Black Currants
A nose unique to black currants
On The Palate: 
Rich, fruity, and multi-faceted with perfect acid balance
Bottle Price: